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Docker is a new technology based on the concept of “container”. Containers are much like virtual machines, with less overhead and shorter lifespan. Docker is not the first container solution but it is gaining much attention and more and more societies are starting to use Docker in production.

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A comprehensive guide to Docker Volumes

In the world of containers, and especially in Docker, data persistence is an important topic. Docker containers are ephemeral by nature and storing data inside a container is a really bad idea. To achieve data persistence...

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Docker Basics

In this article I will show you how you can move your very first steps in the container world using Docker. Docker has many features that can help resolve different problems, today it is mostly used...

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Docker what is it and how to get started

Containers are one of the┬ámost observed technologies lately, with high performance, great functionalities and higher scalability than VMs; they promise much but they’re still a somewhat untested technology. Yet times are coming close and many brave...