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Fedora 25 installation - 3 Try or Install 0

How to install Fedora 25 in 10 easy steps

Fedora 25 is the second release of the year 2016 of the developers’ favourite operating system. Packing cutting-edge features and pushing forward the whole Linux ecosystem here comes Fedora 25 and how to install it!

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Fedora 25 new features, Perl removed from Build Root

Fedora is the fast-paced bleeding-edge distribution of Red Hat. Fedora 25 is the second release of 2016 the other being Fedora 24. Let’s discover what lies in the future of this popular Linux distribution especially among...

Kali Linux 2016.1 0

Kali Linux: The hacker distro, is it good for me?

Kali Linux is the favourite hacker distribution, or at least that’s what they say. Because of that, it gets so much attention, even among non-technical and beginner users; but is it a good thing? In this...

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What can Linux do that Windows can’t

This week, while surfing the Internet I encountered an interesting thread with this title. It may be easy for Windows users to see what Windows can and Linux can’t. In this article (mostly for Windows users)...

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Linux viruses: are you immune?

Many times you’ve probably heard this: “Linux is secure”, “Linux can’t be infected by viruses” and phrases like that, but are they really true? Are there Linux viruses? Or is it really impenetrable?