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A Virtual Machine is literally a machine running atop of another machine. Virtualization enables a physical machine to become an host to many virtual machines called guests. Guest are full-blown machines and can be assigned RAM, CPU and Storage from the host.

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Proxmox: manage your virtual machines like a pro!

Virtualization can be a difficult thing at times. Many variegated solutions, different technologies and platform-specific procedures make virtualization difficult to grasp for beginners. Proxmox VE is an open source server virtualization software that provides enterprise-class features...

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What is a Virtual Machine?

One of the biggest revolutions in the IT industry was Virtual Machines. The capability of using a machine to host different operating systems (and consequently parallelize workloads) opened a whole new world. But what is a...

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Docker what is it and how to get started

Containers are one of the┬ámost observed technologies lately, with high performance, great functionalities and higher scalability than VMs; they promise much but they’re still a somewhat untested technology. Yet times are coming close and many brave...

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How to set up a Virtual Machine with VirtualBox

So you’ve heard of virtual machines and want to dip your toes in this new world without complicated, IT-savant and complex tutorials? VirtualBox is the answer to your prayers. Originally developed by Sun Microsystems and now...