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Bitcoin is a crypto-currency born from the mind of the mysterious programmer Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. The goals of Bitcoin are to be: easy, secure, decentralized, anonymous and self-regulating. In the past it was pretty uncommon but nowadays it is gaining more and more weight as a currency. Many stores are starting to accept Bitcoins and you can even find them in real life if you are lucky.

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What is Ethereum?

By now, you probably have heard of Bitcoin, but chances are you might not have heard of Ethereum. Ethereum is a cryptocurrency initially launched in 2015 that has since then attracted curious people, tech ones and...

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How to set up a Bitcoin wallet

Well well well, you’ve heard of Bitcoin or read this article and now you want to get started. You’ve come in the right place; the first step, though it may seem trivial, is crucial to get...

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What are Bitcoins?

One trending topic recently has been Bitcoin, and when I say recently I mean more than a year. I’ve had many friends coming at me to ask “Hey… mark, since you are into that stuff, do...