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What is a Virtual Machine?

One of the biggest revolutions in the IT industry was Virtual Machines. The capability of using a machine to host different operating systems (and consequently parallelize workloads) opened a whole new world. But what is a...

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How to build a computer – Phase 1: Planning

Building a computer is a fundamental skill of intermediate users: gamers, enthusiasts, amateurs, but also IT students and aspiring System Administrators. In this article you will find how to plan and build a computer as well...

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Linux 4.3 changes

Linux 4.3 might not be as exciting as the 4.2 release, however it packs many changes that will ease the life of new hardware.

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32 vs 64 bit: CPU, Operating System and Apps

One of the most asked questions by newbies is “What difference is there between 32 and 64 bit?”, followed by “Is 64 better than 32 bit?” and many others. In this article written for intermediate users...