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Quick posts that aim to share a fast impression/story.

Unix Cygwin Windows experience 0

Babun: the ultimate Unix-like shell for Windows

In a past article I spoke about how to get a Unix experience on Windows using Cygwin, which is up to day the most complete solution. Today however I’d like to introduce you to Babun (pronounced...

Microsoft Windows 8 0

Windows 10 might force Secure Boot upon you

If you are an average-level user you probably haven’t heard of Secure Boot and you’re probably reading this page through a Windows-powered PC. Chances are however that you are above average and you know exactly what...

A software won’t build your website! 0

A software won’t build your website!

The other day I saw a certain software called Web ******er on sale on Amazon, it promised a full website if you bought it, and it really made me angry.