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OpenStack is a gigantic project that aims to provide the software to create an Open IAAS cloud. Developed by NASA and Rackspace it is currently one of the most active Open Source project (often compared to Linux in terms of growth) with major players including but not limited to Red Hat, HPE, Intel, Canonical, Novell, IBM, Dell and CISCO.

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Ceph: meet the Open SDS Storage king

In the era of Software Defined – everything one of the less agile and toughest block to abstract is storage. Ceph comes as the leader solution in the Open Source SDS with interesting and unique features...

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What’s new in OpenStack Ocata

Coming two months earlier than scheduled, on 22th February 2017, OpenStack Ocata is the 15th release of the OpenStack project. This release was squeezed in a shorter time-frame, nevertheless has a focus on a few important...

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What’s new in OpenStack Liberty

Liberty is the name chosen by the OpenStack team for the 12th release which is due on 15th October 2015: tomorrow. Let’s take a look at the major changes and new features that will be featured...

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OpenStack use cases and tips

OpenStack is probably one of the most fast-growing project in the history of Open Source and as such it is prone to be obfuscated by its shininess. Understanding when and even IF to employ a solution...

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OpenStack can’t attach cinder volume

Yesterday I was setting up a few things at my home OpenStack server and ran into an ugly problem that took me a while to resolve. I couldn’t attach any volume from the backends I had...