A software won’t build your website!

The other day I saw a certain software called Web ******er on sale on Amazon, it promised a full website if you bought it, and it really made me angry.

The past

In the past days I remember many applicative software that aimed to resolve every single problem you had (creating more problems in the process), every single need was addressed by one (sometimes many) software. Those were however “the dark times” of the IT world (nearly 1999/2000), and I feel a bit nostalgic about those times, but what the heck; we have evolved!

The problem

I can’t really understand how people can sell crappy software that promises you a fully-fledged website with a click and no effort at all. If you are really interested in selling software, just make something innovative or something that can’t be easily duplicated… But today there are many software that address the “creating a website” problem, atop WordPress, Joomla and the so-called CMSs (Content Management System). Now these are not newcomers, on the contrary they are quite well-established, and they will provide you a high-quality work depending on your efforts, without wasting your time with crappy-dvd-distributed-client-side-software.

The Right Way

If you are serious about creating a website, maybe you should considering using a CMS like the ones I mentioned in the last paragraph. Most Content Management Systems are free and aim to provide a non-programming user to build a website with his only love as tool. Maybe, if you already are using a CMS you could consider studying a bit of HTML + CSS to adapt your CMS’s templates to your needs. And if you already know that start programming to add functions to that CMS or even build a site from scratch or with a framework. But PLEASE, refrain from buying those crappy-paid-software.


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