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Ubuntu systemd 15.04 installation 0

Ubuntu 15.04 is switching to systemd

Ubuntu 15.04 will be the first release of the 2015 and it is scheduled to be released in April. One of the most bumping changes is the switch from Upstart to systemd (yes it is written...

security permissions 0

Special Permissions: Sticky Bit, SUID and SGID

Sticky Bit, SUID and SGID are special permissions used in Unix-like systems, hence in Linux. Knowing how to use and why one should use them isn’t necessarily fundamental to understand basic permissions in Linux, however they...

Fedora 21 Live boot on HP tm2-2101sl 0

How to run Fedora 21 on HP Touchsmart tm2-2101sl

I’ve always liked hybrid tablets, the ones with both a keyboard and a rotating screen. About three years ago I bought the one I’m still using today: a HP Touchsmart tm2-2101sl, excited of the new release...