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How to install Mageia 6 in 10 easy steps

Mageia 6 is the spiritual successor to Mandirva, an old Linux distribution aimed to Desktop machines that was discontinued after the homonym company shut down. Today you can learn how to install Mageia 6 in 10...

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Mageia 6 released, intriguing Mandriva reboot

After two years since Mageia 5 release, here comes Mageia 6 with improved hardware support and many new features. Mageia might look like a new distribution, but it has its root in one of the oldest...

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Mageia 5.1 released, now with NVMe support

In the past year I wrote about Mageia 5: a Mandriva Linux fork that fills the void left behind after Mandriva S.A. (the company behind Mandriva Linux) ceased to exist. With version 5 release, the Mageia...

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Linux distributions, which one is perfect for you?

I don’t know where you come from and how you happen to be here, but chances are that you want to make the switch (to Linux) and are here because you don’t know where to start....

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Mageia 5 released, take a look at the new Mandriva

After many years during this May Mandriva, the society behind the homonym Linux Distribution, declared that it was going to cease all the activities. Many tears were shed at its death, however long before the event,...

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