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Linux users and groups the complete guide (for any distro!)

Linux users and groups are one of the basis of every Linux distribution. Linux is a multi-user environment and how to manage users and groups, and permissions, is a fundamental skill every system administrator should have....

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NethServer: A painless Linux server you will love

NethServer is a CentOS-based, all-in-one, easy-to-use Linux distribution. If you’ve ever tried to run a small Linux server for a small company without much experience on your shoulders, well, you might have noticed you have to...

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An introductory guide to Linux CLI

The Linux Command Line Interface is easily the most powerful tool available on Linux. Learning the Command Line may seem daunting at the eyes of the beginner, but it is a fundamental skill for Linux System...

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Special Permissions: Sticky Bit, SUID and SGID

Sticky Bit, SUID and SGID are special permissions used in Unix-like systems, hence in Linux. Knowing how to use and why one should use them isn’t necessarily fundamental to understand basic permissions in Linux, however they...

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Linux permissions: chown, chgrp and chmod

Second post dedicated to Linux file system permissions, in this post you’ll learn how to see and modify permissions with the terminal. If you missed the first one, here’s the link.

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Understanding Linux permissions

Whoever heard of Linux has heard of its ironclad security, or that when you use Ubuntu you won’t get any viruses or the likes. File system permissions is a key part (but not the most important)...