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FreeNAS: the ultimate NAS operating system

If you’re an habitual reader of this blog you surely know I mostly speak about Linux, well this article is about FreeNAS which is not based on Linux. FreeNAS is an enterprise-grade operating system based on...

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Data Corruption what is it, strategies to avoid it

In front of a file damaged, even a system file, you may not be desperate. However, when it comes to personal photo, valuable data or work files, the reaction changes drastically. Let’s discover the world of...

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ECC RAM why is it important and do I need it?

Now everyone knows RAM, maybe you also know there are different types of RAM, and maybe you also know what purpose RAM serves. However when it comes to ECC rams it is often regarded to as...

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How to create software RAID in RHEL 7

When it comes to combining solid performance with reliability and recoverability, RAID is sure to show up. RAID is a widely used technology in mission-critical and enterprise environments. Today we’ll talk about software RAID in Linux.

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RAID, which level?

If you have ever worked in a small office or in an enterprise, surely this word will ring a bell in your head. RAID (Redundant Array of Independent Disks) is a method to improve system performance...