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Encryption and Hashing differences and use cases

One of the most common misunderstanding among beginners (and sometimes even IT professionals) is the difference between encryption and Hashing. Let’s take this as a good chance to make things clear.

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Y2038 and Millennium Bug, analysis of a disaster

If you’re old enough you’ve surely heard of this event: the Millennium Bug. No it isn’t some resonant media news, it was or rather is one of the most feared bugs in the computer history.

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Data Corruption what is it, strategies to avoid it

In front of a file damaged, even a system file, you may not be desperate. However, when it comes to personal photo, valuable data or work files, the reaction changes drastically. Let’s discover the world of...

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ECC RAM why is it important and do I need it?

Now everyone knows RAM, maybe you also know there are different types of RAM, and maybe you also know what purpose RAM serves. However when it comes to ECC rams it is often regarded to as...

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SSL: What is it? Do I need it?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is the industry standard to secure a link between two computers, usually server and client. SSL and its successor TLS are so your first choice, but do you really need it? And...


If you care, backup

I won’t ever emphasize enough how much backups are important, they help in case of difficulty yet many won’t even consider backing up files… In this article you will learn why backups are important and what...

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What is the Cloud? PAAS, SAAS and IAAS explained

Cloud is one of the most catchy buzzword in the last decade and much has been told about it like “It solves all the problems!”, “Move on the Cloud!”, “Create your own cloud!” and many many...

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Disks, partitions and file systems: a complete guide

Storage is one of the fundamentals of the modern Information Technology. We use the word storage to describe persistent data storing, something that doesn’t disappear in case of a power shortage.

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Learn IPv6 basics to be prepared for tomorrow

A recent news on the Internet says ARIN (American Registry for Internet Numbers) is on the verge of exhausting IPv4 blocks. You’ve probably heard a thousand times that IPv4 addresses are running out, but you’ve probably...

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32 vs 64 bit: CPU, Operating System and Apps

One of the most asked questions by newbies is “What difference is there between 32 and 64 bit?”, followed by “Is 64 better than 32 bit?” and many others. In this article written for intermediate users...