Fedora 24 new features: Docker, Origin and more!

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Fedora is the fast-paced bleeding-edge distribution of Red Hat. Fedora 24 is the first release of 2016 the other being Fedora 25. Let’s discover what lies in the future of this popular Linux distribution especially among developers.

When will it be released?

Fedora 24 is scheduled to be released on 7th June 2016; 14th June 2016; 21st June 2016.

How do I install Fedora 24?

You can find a step-by-step tutorial here.

System-wide changes

  • Linux kernel: Fedora 24 will ship with Linux 4.5 and Linux 4.6 will be available as an update.
  • NeworkManager 1.2: NetworkManager is being updated to version 1.2 bringing quite a few important changes.
  • Fedora Server i686 drop: The Server version (NOT Workstation) of Fedora 24 will drop support for i686 architecture (32-bit).
  • LiveMedia Creator: a new concept to revamp the Livemedia Creator will land in the next release. You can find mockups here. Promising isn’t it?
  • Default Local DNS resolver: Fedora 24 will have Unbound set up as a local DNS resolver as a security measure. According to this, the feature has been deferred from F24 indefinitely. This feature is still being worked on but won’t make it in F24. More details can be found here. (Thanks to David W. for pointing it out.)
  • Astronomy Spin: approved as a self-contained change proposal, Fedora 24 will have an Astronomy Spin that aims to provide a complete toolchain for both amateur and professional astronomers.
  • OpenShift Origin: A self-contained proposal aimed to bring OpenShift Origin, a PaaS solution offered by Red Hat to Fedora, enabling users to easily deploy Origin on it.
  • Darktable 2.0: is a popular photography workflow tool. With this release it is being updated to version 2.0.
  • Systemd split: two new packages will be born from systemd package. systemd-container containing stuff for VMs and containers. systemd-udev containing udevd and hardware-related things.
  • Systemd file triggers: currently, during the installation of several packages a systemctl daemon-reload  may be issued multiple times resulting in wasted time. With this change the call will be executed only once after the installation of all the packages, using triggers located at  /usr/lib/systemd/system  and /etc/systemd/system .
  • GCC6: Fedora will support GCC6. It is still unclear if all packages will be rebuilt using GCC6 or it will be postponed to Fedora 25. All packages have been rebuilt according to this ticket.
  • GlibC updated to version 2.23.


  • Layered Docker Image Build Service: Starting with version 24 a new service to build Docker Images will be available. This will enable to produce more than one base image to provide additional layered software (like Cockpit) and enable contributors to modify Dockerfiles from which Docker Images will be built. More can be found here.
  • Atomic Storage Clients: Kubernetes support persistent data storage for Docker using Volumes. Volumes are not ephemeral and require clients to talk to an underlying technology like Ceph or iSCSI. Native Ceph and GlusterFS clients will be added. More can be found here.
  • sen: is a terminal user interface (TUI) for Docker Engine that enables user to interact with it through an interface similar to htop.


  • Product Definition Center: is a webapp and API designed for storing and querying product metadata. This will enable developers to produce better artifacts by centralizing informations in the PDC.
  • Mono stack updated to version 4.2.
  • Golang updated to version 1.6.
  • Ruby updated to version 2.3.
  • NodeJS updated to version 5.10.
  • Python updated to version 3.5.

GNOME 3.20 “Delhi”

Fedora 24 will bring GNOME version 3.20 (the latest release) to its users. Here’s a preview of what this will bring.

Image courtesy of mark | marksei

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  1. Note, all packages HAVE ALREADY been rebuilt with GCC6, as that’s required for any GCC bump.

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