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Linux and MSSQL Server 5

How to install Microsoft SQL Server on Linux

During the past few years, Microsoft has been investing resources in Linux-related projects. Today you can install Microsoft SQL Server on Linux. All of it began with .NET being open-sourced.

Containers in the wild 0

Containers: What are they and why do you need them?

Virtual machines revolutionised pretty much the industry at the time of their inception. Today another huge revolution is happening in the IT: containers. Many are speaking of it, but as any buzz-word, it can be difficult...

server OpenStack 0

What is a Virtual Machine?

One of the biggest revolutions in the IT industry was Virtual Machines. The capability of using a machine to host different operating systems (and consequently parallelize workloads) opened a whole new world. But what is a...

Microsoft Headquarters 0

Microsoft might be thinking of buying AMD

According to a rumor, Microsoft might be interested in buying AMD. Lately the software giant has been acquiring a few hardware companies, will AMD be next? And what will that lead to?

Microsoft Windows 8 0

Windows 10 will be the last Windows

We spoke about how Microsoft opensourced .NET or about how Microsoft could even opensource Windows, or how Windows 10 could force secure boot. But few of us could’ve thought of Windows 10 as the last Operating...

Microsoft Headquarters 0

Mono 4.0 will use .NET open source code

It hasn’t been long since Microsoft announced the release of .NET source code. One year later Mono developers decided to adopt that code in the popular software.

Microsoft Windows 8 0

Windows 10 might force Secure Boot upon you

If you are an average-level user you probably haven’t heard of Secure Boot and you’re probably reading this page through a Windows-powered PC. Chances are however that you are above average and you know exactly what...

Linux Ubuntu touch interface with Unity 8 0

Ubuntu Next (alias Ubuntu + Touch)

The tablet market is ever extending. Back in the dark days of IT, touch was only a dream of a few people, also even less people could afford touchscreens. Today touchscreens are a reality and everybody...