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Ubuntu 20.10 new features

Ubuntu 20.10 will be the second release of year 2020 of the popular Ubuntu distribution, this article will collect information regarding this new release.

Helm logo 0

How to get started with Helm 3

Helm is the de-facto package manager for Kubernetes. Helm 3 is a huge step forward for Kubernetes and for Helm too. In this article you’ll learn how to get started and be productive with Helm 3...


Nvidia to acquire ARM for $40 billion

Nvidia announced it is to acquire ARM for $40 billion, full stop. $21.5 billions in stock, $12 billions in cash. There’s quite a lot of meat on the motherboard, let’s see what that means.

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All you need to know before buying a Raspberry Pi 4

Since the inception of the original Raspberry Pi in 2012, the small raspberry has caught everyone’s attention becoming the most known Single Board Computer in the world. Launched primarily for learning purposes, the Raspberry Pi has...