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Linux: the story of a kernel old 25 years

Linux is clearly the most successful project in the open source history. This year, the world’s most known kernel turns 25, marking the quarter of century for this incredible project.

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What is a Virtual Machine?

One of the biggest revolutions in the IT industry was Virtual Machines. The capability of using a machine to host different operating systems (and consequently parallelize workloads) opened a whole new world. But what is a...

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Ubuntu: how to remove older kernels automatically

Today, for the first time I encountered a strange behaviour on a machine with Ubuntu 15.10 . The problem itself was quite strange and rendered the machine unusable with default boot settings.

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Linux 4.3 changes

Linux 4.3 might not be as exciting as the 4.2 release, however it packs many changes that will ease the life of new hardware.

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Linux 4.2 will enable you to update your firmware

After the jump from 3.19 to 4.0 this year, after the not-so-exciting 4.1 version that introduced EXT4 encryption thanks to Google, the penguin is approaching version 4.2. With that said, this release might be closer than...

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Linux 4.0 is nigh! Or not?

Linus Torvalds, father of Linux Kernel and benevolent dictator for life of its son, is pondering the new release number for Linux. Will it be 3.20 or 4.0?