Linux 4.2 will enable you to update your firmware

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After the jump from 3.19 to 4.0 this year, after the not-so-exciting 4.1 version that introduced EXT4 encryption thanks to Google, the penguin is approaching version 4.2. With that said, this release might be closer than you think, probably heading out in this week.

Linux 4.2 features

  • AMDGPU: first and foremost is the introduction (finally) of the DRM Driver AMDGPU, it is a huge step forward for Linux gaming since it will improve performance for AMD graphic cards above the R9 285. Sadly precedent models will continue working with the older driver: Radeon.
  • UEFI ESRT: secondly is a much longed for feature for Linux desktop users, ESRT will enable you to update your motherboard’s firmware directly from your desktop. This feature has been pushed by Red Hat and we will probably see its (weak) effects in Fedora 23, the upcoming release. The technology is quite new and the number of updates available will be few.
  • NCQ TRIM: the next big feature is better support to NCQ TRIM, as a matter of fact there’s the possibility to switch on/off the feature passing ncqtrim/noncqtrim to the kernel.
  • EXT4 encryption polish: in the precedent release (4.1) EXT4 encryption was added, in this release a few fixes and clean-ups will be present.
  • F2FS: the flash-friendly file system gets a few improvements and per-file encryption based on the work made on EXT4 encryption.
  • The usual mix of new hardware supported / improved support, including better ARM support, Logitech M560 support, Sony Navigation Controller support, Xbox wireless controller led fix.

Image courtesy of Liam Quinn

Image courtesy of Liam Quinn

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