Fedora 23 changes (now with GNOME 3.18)

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Fedora 23 is the next in line for release this month, after OpenStack Liberty, Ubuntu 15.10 here comes the next release of Red Hat’s “desktop” distribution.

When will it be out?

Fedora 23 will be released on 27th October 2015 3rd November 2015. It has been delayed after a few bugs were discovered by the quality assurnace team.

Fedora 23

This version of Fedora is not as exciting as past 21 or 22, however it will include some interesting under-the-hood features. Since there are not many changes specific to spins I will list them together.

  • Firmware upgrades for UEFI 2.5+.
  • Fedora 23 will feature Python 3 and Perl 5.22.
  • Mono stack updated from version 2.1 to Mono 4.0.
  • Unicode 8.0 support.
  • SSLv3 and the RC4 cipher are now disabled by default.
  • SELinux will store policies under /var/lib/selinux/.
  • Fedora 23 will have a Cinnamon spin.
  • Fedup has been integrated in DNF.
  • LibreOffice 5 will be default in this release.
  • Fedora 23 Atomic Host will be released every two weeks to keep up with the fast life cycle.
  • Fedora 23 Cloud will feature Docker 1.8.
  • Wayland improved HiDPI compatibility.

GNOME 3.18

Maybe the most exciting change for not-too-technical people will be the new version of GNOME 3.18 which is keeping up the hard work to win back many unsatisfied users. And let me say this: they’re really working hard.

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