Linux 4.3 changes

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Linux 4.3 might not be as exciting as the 4.2 release, however it packs many changes that will ease the life of new hardware.

The features

  • SMP scheduler rewritten.
  • Intel Skylake graphics support.
  • Initial AMD R9 Fury support in the opensource driver.
  • ARM v8.1 functionalities are now supported as of Linux 4.3.
  • Faster boot times for x86 (thanks to delay times removed).
  • EXT3 driver removed, EXT4 has been proved to be able to handle it.
  • The usual load of fixes. Especially XFS, BTRFS RAID5/6 and TRIM, F2FS and EXT4.

Not much to note. The SMP scheduler is probably the biggest change here affecting multi-cpu systems. The EXT3 driver has also been quite discussed, after much testing the EXT4 driver has been able to replace EXT3 driver without any abnormalities or regressions detected. KDBUS is still missing in this release, but chances are we will see it mainlined in the 4.4 release.

The 4.3 release is coming close and will probably be released in the next week or so.

Image courtesy of Liam Quinn

Image courtesy of Liam Quinn

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