Top 10 Raspberry PI projects around the web to do today

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Not long ago I told you about the amazing Raspberry PI, this week I would like to share with you the top 10 Raspberry Pi projects that I collected over the years (in my opinion) .

Some of these projects contain dangerous steps. I take no responsibility for what you do following each one of these.

#10 Raspberry PI case

Punnet Raspberry Pi caseAlthough there are many assembled cases available on the market, some people (like myself) see the making of a case as an amusing activity and a sort of rite-of-passage for every Pi maker. Here are some examples you might find inspiring:

#9 Personal Computer

Raspberry pi Desktop

Image thanks to: Jiri Brozovsky

The Pi was never thought to be powerful, yet you can install a desktop environment with ease and plug mouse and keyboard and grab an old screen to have a cheap computer. Here’s a detailed guide on how to do it.

#8 Christmas Lights

Christmas lightsAlthough not technically challenging, making the lights play tricks during music or even using led matrices is a nice thing to look at and will surely impress your guests. Here are some projects:

#7 Home Server

Rack ServerWe now enter the “ease-your-life” category (by many known as automation). By creating an home server you will have a central point where to store documents, images, calendars, music etc. Here are some projects:

I would also suggest you to look into OwnCloud/NextCloud and Cozy.

#6 PirateBox

Pirate BoxPirateBox is a stand-alone project. It is thought to be a “DIY anonymous offline file-sharing and communications system built with free software and inexpensive off-the-shelf hardware.” The project will allow you to turn your Pi into a box that will broadcast Wi-Fi signal and also host a message board, a chat and a “sharing-space”. You can start by following the official tutorial.

#5 Weather station

Wind anemometerThis one is particularly interesting, but it will require additional hardware. Using external sensors/shields the Pi will be able to record information about temperature, pressure and even wind force. By jotting it down on charts, you will have your personal weather station. Here are some projects:

#4 Build Robot/Drones

Air Drone amidst woodsBuilding robots is for many younglings only a dream. With the Pi you can build robots and even have them interact with each other. Of course these projects requires many components and a through understanding of computer programming. You can really make anything if you know how to; and what’s better than practice to learn? Here are some basic projects:

#3 Automate Gardening

Vegetable gardenGardening can be a pleasant, rewarding hobby (or even job), but it comes with many fatigues and backaches. With the Pi (and some tubes) you can automate this up to a point and even make your personal garden available at your fingertips with a smartphone app. Here are some projects:

#2 Smart Mirror

Smart mirrorThis one had potential ever since it was conceived, today it is one of the most reproduced projects. By putting a monitor behind a mirror you can have your Pi show you important information about weather, news and everything you are able to program it to. Here’s the link to the project.

#1 Home automation

Raspberry Pi home automation

Image thanks to: Open Rights Group

And here we are at number one. Home automation is the most demanding task, both physically and mentally. To achieve a decent level of home-automation you may have to dirty your hands and go behind your walls. At the same time you will need to ensure everything is properly connected and controlled by the Pi in order for you to achieve total control. This is by far the most interesting and rewarding project, and it doesn’t simply end when you’re done since there’s always something else to automate! Here are some projects:

Image courtesy of mark | marksei

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