Fedora 32 new features: a bunch of updates

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Fedora 32 is the first release of 2020 of the popular power user distribution: Fedora. Fedora is the base for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and it is favored among developers. Let’s discover what will change in this release.

When will it be released?

Fedora 32 is scheduled to be released on 21st April 2020 28th April 2020.

How do I install Fedora 32?

You can find a step-by-step tutorial here.

System-wide changes

  • Adopting sysuser.d format for system users: sysuser.d is a declarative format used to define and introspect system users. Normal users will still be added using useradd.
  • Binutils updated to version 2.33
  • EarlyOOM installed and enabled by default: earlyOOM is a mechanism to prevent the oom-killer action during high memory loads.
  • Enable fstrim.timer by default: fstrim is a system utility used to discard blocks on mounted filesystems, it will be enabled by default at defined times.
  • Switch to GCC 10.x.y.
  • Services are now restarted at the end of rpm transactions.
  • Python 2 removal: Python 2 has reached EOL, all packages depending on Python 2 will not be included in Fedora 32, compatibility packages will be provided for developers to use.
  • Systemd presets for use units:
  • Firewalld defaults to nfstables as backend.
  • Iptables-nft is the preferred iptables alternative.
  • mpfr updated to version 4.0.2
  • Better DNF counting: this change will allow Fedora to get better metrics on Fedora installations without compromising the privacy of its users.
  • (Workstation GNOME): Gnome updated to 3.36 (more here).


  • Bundler updated to version 2.0
  • Python3-nose deprecated since it is no longer active.
  • Django updated to version 3
  • Jekyll updated to version 4
  • MariaDB updated to version 10.4
  • PostgreSQL updated to version 11 (from 10)
  • Switch mingw32 toolchain to dwarf-2 exceptions.
  • By installing apt, the dpkg-backed apt will be installed instead of apt-rpm.
  • Additional OpenType bitmap fonts will be provided (mostly useful in terminals).
  • Python3-diff-backup added to repositories after its port to Python3 is almost complete.


  • Free Pascal Compiler updated to version 3.2.0
  • GlibC updated to version 2.31
  • LLVM updated to version 10, compatibility packages will be provided for version 9.
  • Python updated to version 3.8
  • Ruby updated to version 2.7
  • Golang updated to version 1.14
  • Haskell Stackage updated to version 14 LTS
  • Mono stack updated to version 6.6 (from 5.2)
  • PHP updated to version 7.4
  • Breezy, a fork of Bazar VCS replaces the latter.


Fedora 32 is mostly an upgrade of packages and a transition towards newer version of popular languages, databases, compilers.

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