Ubuntu 20.04 LTS new features: Focal Fossa with GNOME 3.36

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS will be the first release of year 2020 of the popular Ubuntu distribution, this article will collect information regarding this new release.

Codename and version

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For those unfamiliar with Ubuntu’s naming, every Ubuntu release uses two codes:

  • Codename: both names start with a letter, the first name is usually an adjective and the second one is an animal. The letters are chosen in order, if a release starts with A the next release will use letter B.
  • Version: the version is a combination of the year and the month of the release. E.g. Ubuntu 18.04 (2018 April, April = 04, hence 18.04). Ubuntu is usually released on April and October. The last two numbers usually being .04 and .10.
  • LTS: once every two years a Long Term Support version is released. Normal releases are supported for 9 months, LTS releases are supported for 5 years. An LTS release is usually more stable and will receive enough security updates to be in production for several years.

How do I install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS?

Here you can find a step by step tutorial.

When will it be released?

Ubuntu 20.04 is currently scheduled to be released on the 23rd April 2020.

Here, you can find the current schedule:

  • 28th November: Feature Definition Freeze
  • 27th February: Feature Freeze
  • 2nd April: Beta release
  • 16th April: Release Candidate
  • 23rd April: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS release

Gnome 3.36

Kudos to Novaspirit Tech for the great, concise video.

Gnome continues to get more and more polish with each release, as you can see the lock screen and the settings have improved since last version. In this version there are also the usual performance improvements, especially under Wayland.


  • Linux 5.4: although Linux 5.6 is right around the corner and it is set to be one of the most exciting releases in years, Ubuntu 20.04 will ship Linux 5.4 as default kernel, of course it will be possible to update it later on.
  • Python 2 EOL: Python 2 was released in year 2000, it has officially reached the end of its life in Jan 2020. This will be the first Ubuntu LTS release packing only Python 3.
  • Snap changes: Canonical pushes forward with Snap, kind of. While the Gnome software manager will now be installed as a snap by default, other applications that were previously installed as snap by default (such as calculator) are now being reverted to deb packages.
  • No more Amazon app/launcher: once called the Unity Spyware, then dubbed Amazon Launcher after Unity’s death, will finally sunset and won’t appear on Ubuntu 20.04 users’ desktop. Will it be missed? Hardly.
  • Unicode 13: will be included in this release.
  • Yaru theme: the Yaru theme continues its evolution dropping blue/green as primary color instead it now features a nostalgic purple.
Image courtesy of Zoofanatic

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