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How to install OwnCloud 10 server on CentOS 7

OwnCloud is a Dropbox-like solution for self-hosted file sharing and syncing. Installing OwnCloud 10 on CentOS is quite simple. Whether you want to backup, have file-syncing or just have a Google Calendar alternative, this guide is...

FreeNAS 11 Preview 0

FreeNAS 11: new features, VMs, new GUI, goodbye Corral

FreeNAS is probably the most popular and most used Free NAS Operating System. After the retirement of FreeNAS Corral, the FreeNAS team is proud to present its successor: FreeNAS 11. This release aims at adding new...

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OwnCloud X: if you don’t trust, cross them

OwnCloud X is a Dropbox-like software that enables you to store and sync your files both with a standalone client and a easy-to-use web interface. With the tenth version of OwnCloud, the developers decided to switch...