Ubuntu 15.10 new features, still no Unity 8

Ubuntu wily werewolf image

As every regular Ubuntu-fan would know, October is near, and so the next release of Ubuntu: 15.10 codename Wily Werewolf is scheduled to be released on the 22th October. This new version is essentially a bunch of bugfixes and software updates: no new major feature.

When will it be out?

Ubuntu 15.10 “Wily Werewolf” will be released on 22th October.

Ubuntu 15.10 updates

As the introduction paragraph said: no major feature for the werewolf. However there are quite a few updates boiling under the hood. Let’s take a look:

  • Linux 4.2: This version will feature version 4.2 of the kernel, bringing many improvements. To get a glance of this version, you can check this link.
  • systemD 225: Ubuntu 15.04 already used systemD by deafult, in 15.10 it has just been updated.
  • Unity 7.3.2: Unfortunately Unity 8 didn’t make it in time for 15.10, version 7.3.2 is mostly a bugfix release. Also the scrollbars have been replaced by GNOME’s ones.
  • Snappy: the new system that should replace dpkg and apt will finally be in this release; however for the time being (and probably even in the foreseeable future) snappy will coexist with dpkg/apt.
  • Predictable Network Interface Names: for a long time interfaces had names like eth0, with this release the concept of Predictable Network Interface Names will be introduced. Network names will transition to a more consistent naming scheme resulting in names like enp2s0.

Flavour-specific updated

In version 15.10 there will also be flavour-specific changes. Mostly the GNOME flavour will use GNOME 3.16. Kubuntu will use KDE 5.4 and KDE Applications 15.08. Lubuntu is focusing on switching to LxQt however this version will still use LXDE. Mate flavour will use Mate 1.1.0. Xubuntu is replacing abiword with LibreOffice.

Where are Unity 8 and Mir?

The scene has been quiet for a while now, and not many news are available at this time, however we can expect Unity 8 to be out in 16.04 even though it has been delayed many times in a row. About Mir, it is slowly going forward, however nothing relevant has popped up in these months.


Image courtesy of Pierre Cante.

Image courtesy of mark | marksei

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