Fedora 25 new features, Perl removed from Build Root

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Fedora is the fast-paced bleeding-edge distribution of Red Hat. Fedora 25 is the second release of 2016 the other being Fedora 24. Let’s discover what lies in the future of this popular Linux distribution especially among developers.

When will it be released?

Fedora 25 is scheduled to be released on 8th November 2016; 15 November 2016; 22 November 2016.

How do I install Fedora 25?

You will find a step-by-step tutorial here.

System-wide changes

  • IBus Emoji typing: with this update, users will be able to write their emojis in an easier way. By using the combination ctrl+shift+e the user will be presented with a list of emoji identified by the next word he writes (e.g. smile). For this update only English keywords will be recognized.
  • Fedora Media Writer as Primary Downloadable: following the LiveMedia Creator introduction, the plan is to implement a similar interface as a primary mean to download Fedora on getfedora.org .
  • Remove Perl from Build Root: Build Root is the minimum image built by the Koji build system. This proposal will remove Perl from the Build Root allowing a faster and safer build. This will also save ~20MB over 527MB (the actual Build Root size). Although this is positive, Perl packages build will encounter some difficulties. You can find more here.
  • Replace Udisks2 by Storaged: Storaged is a fork of Udisks2 that aims to provide a unified DBus API for accessing storage. As the description states: the projects haven’t diverged much and Storaged has some improvements, hence it will be a drop-in replacement.
  • Jekyll: is a simple software that transforms plain-text files in a blog. Much like WordPress, but with a streamlined workflow and less plugins.
  • Change/Remove slogin and sshd-keygen: slogin is a legacy symlink for ssh and sshd-keygen is an old init script. They’re both marked for change/removal.
  • Better Switchable Graphics Support: dual-GPUs employed on laptopts have never worked fine on Linux, and many Linux users using laptops constantly keep asking if there’s a solution for their precise model. This proposal aims to provide a better management of the GPUs by using the integrated one as default to avoid high power consumption and heat. Another goal is to be able to start GPU-intensive applications using the dedicated GPU using a start parameter.
  • Ibus-typing-booster_multilingual_support: this proposal will allow users who often type more than one language to type them at the same time without switching IME. You can find more here.
  • Release Engineering Automation Workflow Engine: this proposal will allow developers of the Fedora project to work in a more centralized way by unifying and standardizing various components of the automation happening behind the scenes; and by establishing a workflow. More can be found here.
  • NSS enforces the system-wide crypto policy: at the moment, only OpenSSL and GnuTLS libraries enforce the system-wide crypto policy. With this proposal NSS will be enhanced to enforce that policy. In this way every application that uses NSS will also adhere.
  • Rust Compiler (Cargo) will be introduced in this release.
  • Unicode 9.0 support.
  • Glibc updated to version 2.24.


  • Ruby on Rails updated to version 5.0.
  • PHP updated to version 7.0.
  • GHC (Haskell compiler) updated to version 7.10.
  • Node.js will be updated to version 6.x LTS.
  • Erlang updated to version 19.
  • Golang updated to version 1.7.
  • Perl updated to version 5.24.
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