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A graphical interface that enables an operating system to communicate in a user-friendly way.

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Linux Mint 19 new features, now with Timeshift!

Linux Mint is one of the most popular desktop Linux distribution, with an elegant desktop environment named Cinnamon and a focus on user experience it has won over the past years the hearts of many GNOME...

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Fedora 26 new features: Boltron server, LxQT spin, and more

Fedora is the fast-paced bleeding-edge distribution of Red Hat. Fedora 26 is the first release of 2017 the other being Fedora 27. Let’s discover what lies in the future of this popular Linux distribution especially among...

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Linux Mint 18 new features, now with Cinnamon 3

After Fedora 24 and Ubuntu 16.04 it is the turn of Linux Mint 18! Linux Mint is a desktop-focused distribution loved by its users because of its polished feel. Let’s discover what’s new in Mint 18...

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Linux distributions, which one is perfect for you?

I don’t know where you come from and how you happen to be here, but chances are that you want to make the switch (to Linux) and are here because you don’t know where to start....

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Desktop Environment, which to choose?

One of the best thing in Linux is probably the customizability of everything. In Linux you get control in your hands if you want to, your Desktop makes no exception. Not only you can change the...